ERUUF is a special fellowship, in a strategic geographic position, at a critical time in our country’s history. While we all enjoy our oasis of justice, love, and compassion, many more people in nearby areas are searching for what ERUUF offers. We must seize this opportunity to “spread the light” throughout North Carolina and beyond. Please consider stretching your generosity as far as possible when you make a commitment to share ERUUF with more people in need of our cherished values, programs, and actions. Thank you!

Worship, Music and the Artsworship.hands up JB.DC.sq

Inspiring, well-planned worship services that prod us out of our comfort zone and heal our broken hearts.

Glorious music that boosts the spirit and calms the soul with a wide variety of styles and instruments.

Programs on campus throughout the week that connect and inform us.

34% of our budget supports worship, music and the arts.


Pastoral Care

care tableWe all count on ERUUF to be here for us in supportive ways.

Rev. Deborah Cayer, Rev. Jacqueline Brett, and Rev. Stacy Grove work together with a Care Team of ERUUFians to provide pastoral services during difficult times, personal tragedies, and life celebrations.

They support leaders of many Covenant, Sources, and Affinity groups, as well as the Adult Programs Team at ERUUF.

17% of our budget supports pastoral care.


Justice and OutreachERUUF group.march.sq

Puts words into action as ERUUF works in solidarity with Muslim, LGBTQ, African American and immigrant friends and neighbors.

Feeds the hungry and saves the earth as social and environmental forces threaten them further.

Raises awareness of death penalty issues, mass incarceration, and other social justice concerns.

Creates an early voting site that last year brought 18,000 voters to ERUUF’s campus

18% of our budget supports justice and outreach.


Support Larger UU Movement

uua logo sq 3We gladly give to the Unitarian Universalist Association. It's the organization that shares our values and principles with the larger world, provides leadership on justice issues, materials for religious education, and support for vital, healthy congregations.

4% of our budget supports the larger UU movement.


Religious Education

Continuous spiritual growth and learning are central to Unitarian Universalists.Julia story

Over 190 children and youth regularly attend RE as they search for truth, not doctrine, in an RE curriculum that encourages individual growth.

Coming of Age helps teens navigate the transition from child to adult.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) offers children quality, values-based sexuality education.

Justice-centered projects show young people ways to make meaningful contributions to the community.

27% of our budget supports religious education.

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