Through your giving to ERUUF, you join with others to grow our community enabling our mission of care, spiritual and personal growth, and transformation. Your gift helps each of us and all of us:

  • Grow, spiritually and personally, to deepen our understanding of ourselves, and to find hope, beauty, and inspiration by our individual and collective spiritual practices.
  • Sustain a vibrant community that is radically welcoming; that cares for and supports one another; that teaches us how to respect, listen to, and interact with one another regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or race; where divergent views are acceptable and each of us can feel a sense of belonging.
  • Reach beyond our walls to support racial, economic, social and environmental justice through collaborative work in our local community, our state, our country and our planet.

Your gift supports ERUUF’s mission including an array of programs:

Worship, Music and the Arts

  • Delivering inspiring worship services that nurture our heart and urge us out of our comfort zone.
  • Performing magnificent music, from a rich variety of sources and genres, which boosts the spirit and calms the soul.
  • Providing programs that reach deep and wide to connect, engage, and transform.

Justice and Outreach

  • Acting to create a more just world which is integral to ERUUF’s mission and to transforming lives, including our own.
  • Building solidarity with our LGBTQ, African American, Muslim and immigrant neighbors.
  • Feeding the hungry and saving the earth from ongoing social and environmental threats.
  • Raising awareness of racial equity and inclusion, advancing democracy, and alleviating poverty.
  • Seeking Green Sanctuary accreditation to bring our congregation into increased environmental awareness and harmony with our planet.
  • Continung education to build and sustain awareness of racism, white privilege and supremacy, and the power and structural dynamics that support racism.

Religious Education

  • Creating a nurturing space for our children and youth to explore liberal religious life with creativity, curiosity, and openness.
  • Encouraging individual growth and helping navigate the transition from child to adult through OWL, Coming of Age, Neighboring Faiths and other curricula.
  • Enabling young people to make meaningful contributions to the community through justice-centered projects.

Spiritual and Personal Growth

  • Ensuring equity and inclusion are emphasized in all ERUUF programing, including adult and children’s RE, worship service, music, leadership positions.
  • Finding Yourself At ERUUF courses (Connect * Engage * Transform) designed to support your commitment to personal and spiritual growth, while deepening your understanding of our UU faith and the values we hold as a covenantal community.
  • Sharing with others a spiritual practice, an interest, or rewarding life experience, from Spiritual Threads, to ERUUF Players, to Parents’ Group, to affinity groups, and more.
  • Exploring through faith and focus groups including Christian Fellowship, Buddhist Community, Humanist Group, Jewish Fellowship, and Covenant of UU Pagans.
  • Building deeper fellowship with ERUUFians through Chalice Circles and Covenant groups.
  • Participating in music groups, such as Eno River Singers, the Beloved Community Choir, River Folk, River Rhythms Drumming, Sunshine Kids and more.

Pastoral Care

  • Providing healing pastoral care services during difficult times, personal tragedies, and celebrations, delivered by the ministerial staff and Pastoral Care teams.
  • Creating a community that is welcoming, that cares for and supports one another, and provides classes in care.

The Larger UU Movement

  • Sharing our UU values and principles with the larger word by supporting like-minded groups in a variety of ways including Generosity Sundays, Black Lives UU, disaster relief groups and others.
  • Supporting the Unitarian Universalist Association, thereby sharing in its leadership on justice issues, materials for religious education, and support for vital, healthy congregations.


Pledging Action Steps

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