Throughout the year, ERUUF is blessed with the contributions of time and talent from scores of volunteers for which we are all grateful. During this Annual Pledge Drive, we ask for your "treasure"— your generous financial commitment to support and enhance the day in/ day out activities as ERUUF lives out its mission to transform lives by building a free and inclusive covenantal religious community of spirit, service, justice, and love. 

This year’s story is a good news story made good because of your and your forebears’ involvement and generosity. Our focus now is to sustain our growth, increase capacity and build resilience. Your generosity is a spiritual practice which grows your inner capacity for compassion and care and allows ERUUF to radiate that care out into the greater communities we all share.

We build our annual budget based on pledges, so your support is vital to our fiscal health. Your pledge is a promise that is transformative as it aligns your actions with your values and principles. We encourage 100% participation no matter the size of the pledge. Every gift counts.

Your generosity will help Each of Us and All of Us to Grow, Care and Transform.

Thank you!

Here’s what a few of your fellow members had to say about why they give to ERUUF:


Just attending services and being part of ERUUF gives me the opportunity to transform in many ways. I come every Sunday to think about what I did that week to see if I was the kind of person I want to be. That’s hard work sometimes.

— Marilyn Hartman


I come to ERUUF because of what members in this beloved community DO to help others outside of our walls. This just makes me smile inside; it makes me so proud to be a part of this very special community.

— Mark Henault


At ERUUF I found somewhere where you can absolutely be you, sit in a pew beside someone who may share a different religious view from you, but spiritually you know that both of you understand that love is what’s most important.

— Lisa Jones


ERUUF has not only been a spiritual home for my family, it’s a community that has wrapped us in their arms whole-heartedly, and made us feel very welcome. We have grown, cried, laughed, and shared with this community. It is an awesome place to be.

— Henry Amador-Batten




Read Rev. Cayer's Pledge Drive Letter to learn more about some of the new and good things happening at ERUUF. 

Listen to Pledge Drive Co-Chair Michael Field's reflection, "Grow, Care, Transform" from the worship service on Sunday, February 8.


Pledging Action Steps

1. 2019 Stewardship Logo SmallPledge

Your pledge is a promise of what you will give for 2020-2021. Thank you for your generosity! 

2. Give

ERUUF has several ways that you can give your contributions for your pledge: online, text, auto-draft, check, cash, stock. Choose the date when your recurring gifts would start.

Set up online, text, or recurring giving