This will be the year of reconnection, recommitment, and renewal for all of us. Your pledge sets you on the path of being part of this wonderful transformation. As you venture forth to partake of all the reopened world has to offer, ERUUF will be there opening doors and providing guidance for spiritual journeys and social justice missions.

In these unprecedented times, this year’s story is different from previous ones. Your past generosity has enabled ERUUF to continue its ministry in new ways to suit these challenging times and keep us all connected. We are grateful!

We look to transitioning from the fear and loss of COVID times to in-person fellowship, reconnection, and transformation in the new era of social justice in America. Now, more than ever, we need each other!

We build our annual budget based on pledges, so your support is vital to carrying out our ERUUF mission. Your pledge is a good intent statement that aligns your actions with your values and principles. Your participation is important! Start your process of reconnection today by pledging.


Just attending services and being part of ERUUF gives me the opportunity to transform in many ways. I come every Sunday to think about what I did that week to see if I was the kind of person I want to be. That’s hard work sometimes.

— Marilyn Hartman


I come to ERUUF because of what members in this beloved community DO to help others outside of our walls. This just makes me smile inside; it makes me so proud to be a part of this very special community.

— Mark Henault


At ERUUF I found somewhere where you can absolutely be you, sit in a pew beside someone who may share a different religious view from you, but spiritually you know that both of you understand that love is what’s most important.

— Lisa Jones


ERUUF has not only been a spiritual home for my family, it’s a community that has wrapped us in their arms whole-heartedly, and made us feel very welcome. We have grown, cried, laughed, and shared with this community. It is an awesome place to be.

— Henry Amador-Batten


Pledging Action Steps

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Your pledge is a good intent statement of what you will give for 2021-2022. Thank you for your generosity! 

2. Give

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