MCT Book Discussion: Caste

MCT Book Discussion: Caste

Wed, May 26 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

At Online (Zoom) (Scroll down to join or register.)

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Beginning the first week of April, the Multicultural Team is offering an 8-session book discussion of Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. This is a book with a bold premise: race in America is a caste system much like those in India and Nazi Germany. Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes. However, given the intense nature of this book an optional 30 minutes after each session is scheduled for reflection and healing. Following is the 8-week schedule and the sections of the book being discussed:

Week 1: Epigraph, Part One, and Part Two: pages xv to 96
Week 2: Part Three; Foundations of Caste and Pillars One to Four: pages 99 to 130
Week 3: Continue with Part Three; Pillars Five to Eight: pages 131 to 164
Week 4: Part Four, Chapters 10 to 14: pages 167 to 223
Week 5: Part Four, Chapters 15 to 18: pages 224 to 260
Week 6: Part Five, Consequences of Caste, Chapters 19-24: pages 263 to 308
Week 7: Part Six, Backlash, Chapters 25-29; pages 311 to 357
Week 8: Part Seven, Awakening, Chapters 30-31 and Epilogue; pages 361 to 388

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