Pulse of the Congregation Results - 2012

pdf2012 Pulse Survey

Executive Summary

What We Are Doing Well (Most answers were Excellent or Good)

  1. ERUUF helps me grow
  2. Can easily express divergent views at ERUUF
  3. Engagement in fellowship
  4. Easy to be involved
  5. Sense of belonging
  6. ERUUF challenges me to reach out to the wider community
  7. Life Span Religious Education
  8. Worship
  9. Music
  10. Coffee hour
  11. Financial Management
  12. Congregational Communications
  13. Spiritual development
  14. Building and Grounds Management
  15. Office Administration
  16. Integration of New Members
  17. Ministry Team
  18. Board of Trustees

What ERUUF Is Doing Well (Expressed by Multiple People in Comments)

  1. Dominant positive comments about ministers
  2. Many positive comments about worship and music
  3. Many positive comments about children and youth programs and entire staff
  4. Strong sense of community and caring
  5. Being welcoming
  6. Opportunities for engagement and community involvement
  7. Capital campaign and financial management

What at ERUUF Needs Attention (25%+ answers were Adequate or Needs Attention)

  1. Volunteer Coordination
  2. Intergenerational Activities
  3. External Publicity
  4. Engagement in Wider Community
  5. Diversity

What at ERUUF Needs Work (Expressed by Multiple People in Comments)

  1. Need more staff. Our wonderful staff is overburdened.
  2. Outreach beyond ERUUF into the community
  3. More challenging sermons
  4. More diverse music
  5. Better communication to the community, including improving the web site
  6. More racial diversity
  7. More adult RE
  8. Better ways to welcome visitors, including improving coffee hour
  9. Clearer ways to volunteer and get involved