Pulse of the Congregation Results - 2019

2019 Pulse Survey

The ‘Pulse of the Congregation’ is an anonymous survey that the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF) conducts every year to obtain the input of members and friends about how we are doing as a congregation. The survey is administered by the Committee on Evaluation of Ministry and includes questions that ask respondents to rate their experiences at ERUUF and the quality of ERUUF’s activities.

 In essence, it asks for your feedback on the Ministry at ERUUF. We define Ministry as that which we all do together as members of our faith community. Each part of the congregation - members, friends, leaders, staff, and ministers - has a role to play in furthering the Ministry and achieving our mission of spirit, service, justice, and love.

The surveys are read by the Board of Trustees' Committee on the Evaluation of Ministry. The Committee prepares a report for the Board and Lead Minister. One part of the report is statistical, charting changes over time. The other part summarizes the narrative comments. The Board of Trustees uses the information to develop policy and set directions for the Fellowship.

This Survey asks questions on four topics: 1. Questions regarding your experience at ERUUF. 2. Questions asking for your opinion about how well programs offered at ERUUF are functioning, 3. Questions asking you to reflect on overall congregational involvement and your own personal involvement in the Ministry of ERUUF, and 4. Space for your comments about any aspects of ERUUF’s functioning. In 2019, the survey included a series of questions designed to track progress toward ERUUF's strategic plan. A total of 243 respondents answered this year's survey. You can download the survey results at the link below. 

Download the survey results: pdfPulse_Survey_Report_2019_combined_FINAL.pdf