Pulse of the Congregation Results - 2020

Pulse Survey

Overview of Pulse Survey

What is the Pulse?

Over the past 12 years, ERUUF members and friends have completed an annual survey known as the Pulse of the Congregation, administered by the Committee on Evaluation of Ministry. The survey includes closed-ended questions that ask respondents to rate their experiences at ERUUF and the quality of ERUUF’s activities. These results are compared to results in previous years to identify trends over time. The survey also includes two open-ended questions that ask respondents to describe in their own words what is going well and what needs work. These open-ended responses are analyzed to identify themes. Additional questions may also be added that focus on specific areas of interest; in 2020, there were specific questions relative to the music program. There was a total of 240 respondents.It is important to note that the survey was administered prior to COVID-19; results would likely be different if we were to administer it today. However, we believe the findings are still relevant.

How are the Pulse data used?

The graphs and the summary of the open-ended comments are shared with the Board and ERUUF staff, who use it in their planning. The report is also shared with the broader congregation in a variety of ways, including through the website, at the annual meeting, and through leadership forums. An important note about individual comments: The Committee on Evaluation of Ministry (CEM) reads every single comment and codes them to identify themes mentioned by multiple individuals. These themes are then shared with the staff, along with sample comments to illustrate the theme. It is not necessarily possible for staff or programming to address every individual comment, because they are trying to meet the needs of the many different members and guests of the Fellowship.