Creating Racial Equity and Inclusion

ERUUF has been actively concerned about racial justice from its beginning. This strategic initiative is designed to support and deepen our ongoing commitment to racial equity.

Systemic racism (the system of white supremacy) is deeply embedded in our society, and each and every one of us is impacted by the depth and destructiveness of racism. But without taking time to learn together, we may not be fully aware of its pervasive effects. Just like fish that are unaware of the water in which they swim, and despite our best intentions, we are hindered by the system of racism from being able to fully live from our core values as individuals and as a community.

Engaging in the practice of Dismantling Racism is one way we can honor our commitment to the humanity of everyone, self and all others. As a result of ERUUF’s work with dRWorks, a significant number of people in the congregation:
• Share a common language, understanding and analysis of racism in our society, including our history of oppression and white privilege;
• Recognize how racism (a belief or doctrine that inherent differences exist among racial groups and that one group is superior to another) and/or racialization (imposing a racial interpretation on experiences and events) has shaped and still shapes policies and behavior, in our nation, our local community and at ERUUF;
• Commit to taking action to support ERUUF’s goal of becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive community that actively welcomes diversity of people and thought and that partners with diverse people to help build a more peaceful, free, and just society for all.

The Change Team has identified the following overarching goal:
We shall create a culture where racial equity and inclusion are the norm by making the learning and practice of racial equity and inclusion integral to ERUUF’s policies, programs and interactions. This will be evident both within ERUUF and in relationships between ERUUF members and the larger community of which we are a part, as we engage individually and collectively.

Racial equity and inclusion practices and resources:
• Annual Dismantling Racism workshops at ERUUF
• People of Color Group
• White Awareness Group
• Becoming the Change Group
• Multicultural Team book groups, films, discussions, trips