What is the mission/vision of the Multicultural Team (MCT)?

The Multicultural Team (MCT) seeks three things: Radical Inclusion, Courageous Compassion, and Beloved Community.

How Can I Get Involved in the MCT?

All ERUUFians are welcome to join in any of our activities. If you are interested in participating in or helping with planning and developing programs, please contact  or talk to any member of the team about getting more involved. 

Who are the current members of the MCT?

Current team members are: Diane Blount and Mike McLeod (co-facilitators), Rev. Jacqueline Brett (staff partner),  Chris Cayer, Chris Folger, Steve Franklin, Dan Grandstaff, David Huber, Vincent Licenziato, Lisa Jones, Lynne Howard, Ann Verdine, Jaye Vaughn, Chris Macon and Judy Moore, 

What has the MCT done in the PAST?

Since the Multicultural Team was established, it has:

  • Assisted in the development of  ERUUF's strategic plan
  • Held “Welcome Table: conversations in the Fellowship Hall on race and multiculturalism
  • Held "Beloved Community Conversations" during Wednesday Connections
  • Hosted a visit to the Greensboro Civil rights Museum and discussion afterward
  • Led the “Beloved Conversations” intensive program at ERUUF
  • Supported an Intercultural Developmental Inventory process for leaders & staff
  • Helped launch a “White Allies for Racial Equity” group
  • Sponsored a film/ discussion series on racial themes
  • Supported ERUUF in hosting Southeast District Mosaic Conference for Multicultural congregations in 2014
  •  sponsored a  “Witnessing Whiteness” series
  •  Held “Multicultural Conversations” the first Sunday of each month to foster greater interracial understanding
  • Offered multicultural awareness trainings for leaders and teachers
  • Offered multiple "Dismantling Racism" 2-day workshops
  • 2015-2018
    • Supported multicultural themes in worship and also film/discussion series
    • Provided training and facilitate UU outreach to North Carolina Central University and other HBCUs