Racial Equity and Inclusion Process

A document was prepared by ERUUF’s Change Team to outline a process for working toward racial equity and inclusion at ERUUF (May, 2016).

Overarching Goal: Create a culture where racial equity and inclusion are the norm by making the learning and practice of racial equity and inclusion integral to ERUUF’s policies, programs and interactions. This will be evident both within ERUUF and in relationships between ERUUF members and the larger community
of which we are a part, as we engage individually and collectively.

Proposed Process for Racial Equity and Inclusion at ERUUF

The Spiritual Foundation: We engage this crucial work of creating a community of racial equity and inclusion as Unitarian Universalists, within the sacred space of our covenantal faith. At the heart of our tradition are questions about who we are, whose we are, and how we intend to be together with one another, our neighbors, and the larger world. Living these questions together in community is our spiritual journey, a primary way that we grow in spirit and transform our lives.