In May, 2014, a Vision Quest Task Force explored best practices for doing justice work as a larger congregation.  After a number of months of study, consultation and discovery, the Task Force completed its work and generated a very informative and thought-provoking report.  The Coordinating Team has written a response to the report and moved forward with implementation by forming and charging a Transition Team. 

The Justice Vision Quest Task Force Report - pdfInspired Faith, Effective Action at ERUUF

Appendix A - pdfCongregational Interview Responses

Appendix B - pdfSurvey Results

docxCoordinating Team Response and Charge to the Justice Transition Team

Member of the Justice Vision Quest Task Force: Dave Austin, Richard Chady, Irene Felsman, Tom Fletcher, Lauren Havens, Aspen Price, Doug Rhodes and Nia Rodgers