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The following is a list of all of the songs available in this project:

  1.  Let Your Little Light Shine
  2. We're Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table
  3. I Wish I Knew How
  4. What A Miracle
  5. I've Got Peace Like a River
  6. Rainbow in the Sky
  7. This Little Light of Mine
  8. Today Is a New Day
  9. Peace, Salaam, Shalom
  10. Siyahamba
  11. Gracias por el Amor
  12. Meditiation on Breathing
  13. Spirit of Life
  14. The Garden Song
  15. Come and Go with Me
  16. Come Sing a Song with Me
  17. For the Earth Forever Turning
  18. Love Will Guide Us
  19. Magic Penny
  20. Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield
  21. Enter, Rejoice and Come In