Board Challenge – Black Lives of UU

As you may have read in the UU World, the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees voted unanimously to designate Black Lives of UU as the recipient of a the Saturday special offering at GA this year and set a goal of $60,000 to be raised. The UUA board is working in partnership with UUA administration to “ensure a successful offering.”

If the offering does not reach the $60,000 goal, the UUA will guarantee that Black Lives of UU still receives the full amount. About half of the money raised will be used for staffing, programming, and financial assistance for black UUs to attend GA 2016, and the remaining funds will support programming and staffing in 2017 and beyond, including a Black Lives of UU convening in late 2017 or early 2018.

The ERUUF Board of Trustees recently received a letter from a member of First UU of Richmond asking us to join with other congregations in helping the collection to reach its $60,000 goal.

"Our congregations have been important voices in our respective communities in racial justice, and I am asking that the Eno River Board authorize a contribution on behalf of the entire congregation to show support for this work within our faith movement. This is a critical opportunity for us to continue to build relationships and honor covenant within Unitarian Universalism."

Because we, the Board of Trustees, agree that this is a vital opportunity to lift up and support this work in our faith tradition, and because ERUUF has committed itself (as articulated by our Change Team) "to work towards creating a community of racial equity and inclusion as Unitarian Universalists, within the sacred space of our covenantal faith," the Board of Trustees voted at our May meeting to donate $1000 to the Black Lives of UU offering on behalf of ERUUF.

We are also issuing a challenge to the rest of the congregation. Board members have personally pledged up to an additional $3000 for a fund to match contributions from the congregation. ERUUF is guaranteeing $1000, but with help from you we could raise up to $6000 more to contribute to Black Lives of UU! You can donate by cash or check (clearly labelled "Black Lives of UU" please) or there will be an option on the website Giving page ( soon to make a one time gift to the fund.