Conversations to Make Durham Better

In February, ERUUFians took part in several Durham CAN Listening Sessions, where they shared their ideas about...

  • Providing affordable housing near proposed light rail stations.
  • Requiring written consent to search a vehicle and other means to discourage racial profiling.
  • Achieving a commitment from the city to support our Latin American children with translation services and ESL in the public schools.
  • Getting ALL City Council members, County Commissioners, plus local state and federal representatives to SHOW UP because they have to take this organization seriously. and
  • other ideas for making Durham a better and more just place to live. 

The project areas of interest that were identified from the winter's Listening Sessions include:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Opportunities for Youth
  • Education
  • Jobs & Living Wages
  • Resource Development (Fundraising)

Who is Durham CAN?

A well-organized coalition of congregations, associations and neighborhoods that is housed in the basement of the CARE building here at ERUUF. For more information, see

How does Durham CAN work to build a better community in Durham?  

They put their time and energy behind issues IDENTIFIED BY their member organizations, and use the power of 2000+ ideas to drive the process of research for win-win solutions.  Those ideas are gathered at LISTENING SESSIONS held within each member organization. Following the identification of actionable items, Durham CAN develops teams to work on each issue, holds ASSEMBLIES where they get public officials to commit to implementing specific actions and MEETS with those officials to help move those selected projects forward.

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