Harnessing Love’s Power…Lest We Forget

Harnessing Love’s Power…Lest We Forget

30 Days of Love Jan. 18 - Feb. 16

This year, ERUUFians had the opportunity to join with folks all over the country in this month-long spiritual journey of commitment to action and service. Beginning mid-January, check out our daily Facebook postings where you'll find quotes, reminders, and opportunities for love and service.

You'll hear about 30 Days of Love in the weekly e-news and on our website as well.

30 Days Of LoveEveryone at ERUUF was asked to offer at least one hour of service during the campaign which runs from January 18 to February 16.

The origin for the 30 Days of Love Campaign...

On a Sunday morning in July of 2008, a woman named Linda Kraeger decided to forego attendance at her own church in order to attend a play being performed by children at the Tennessee Valley UU Church in Knoxville. During the performance, a man entered the church and opened fire. Linda was killed as was board member and usher, Greg McKendry. Seven others were wounded before the shooter was tackled to the floor.

In the car of the shooter, police found a letter detailing his hatred of our denomination's "liberal movement"—particularly the welcoming of the LGBTQ community. This welcoming church, not unlike our own congregation, was known for its support of equality and justice. Then UUA President, William G. Sinkford, made the following statement in response to the shootings:

A tragedy such as this
makes us acutely conscious
of the beauty and fragility
of our lives and those of our loved ones.

The surrounding community of Knoxville offered such a show of love in response to the shooting that leaders of the UUA were inspired. Two things came into being as a result of the love shown in Tennessee that year—The Standing on the Side of Love Movement and then The 30 Days of Love campaign.
May we harness love's power as we seek to live into our mission of transforming lives.

Please join in the spirit of justice and love that prevailed at ERUUF this winter. There were plenty of opportunities and ideas for service available during week days as well as Saturdays. See options below

Wishing you peace,

Mary Frances
Student Minister

For a list of activites and events that were part ot the month, see 30 Days of Love