Moral Mondays

UUs from around North Carolina and several members of ERUUF have been involved with the protests called "Moral Mondays" at the NC Legislature organized by the NC NAACP. Videos of the protests can be found on the NC NAACP webpage. There is a great and powerful uprising taking place to protest laws being considered (and in some cases passed)

by the Legislature such as rejection of the expansion of Medicaid, reduced funding for public schools, school vouchers, curtailment of early voting, voter ID requirement, elimination of tax credits for renewable energy and more. Some congregations are going as a group to protest and commit acts of civil disobedience leading to arrest.

The way to participate in the protests is to arrive at Centennial Mall across from the Legislature next to the main entrance to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences at 5:30 pm on Mondays. Check with the NC NAACP website to confirm that a protest is going to take place. Those committing civil disobedience must go to the orientation earlier in the afternoon at a nearby church. Afterward, they join the protestors at Centennial Mall and the two groups file into the Legislature together. (May 13, for instance, 49 people got arrested and 300 more people, including myself, were there to protest and support those who got arrested.) The group of supporters are then told by the police to exit the Legislature or face arrest. That group exits the building and proceeds around to the opposite side of the Legislature to watch as those who got arrested exit the building in handcuffs and get on a bus that takes them to the detention center to be booked. So far, those arrested have been charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor, and released later on that night. They are given a date to appear in Court. As you can see from the videos, this is a big, exhilarating and meaningful experience for both those who get arrested as well as for the supporters. Moral Monday protests will continue indefinitely according to the NC NAACP. Contact Lonna Harkrader, .