Workshop: Immigrant Voices

Creating a New History through Spoken Word

February 7, 2012, 7-9 pm (Fellowship Hall)

Led by Kendall Jones and Paula Cole Jones. Often times we hear about the history of historically marginalized people through the words of the privileged. Understanding demographic change is often told through a story of statics void of emotion and experience. The words of immigrants can shift our perception of history and give way to a new reality.

The workshop used spoken word from the book "Encounters" and was interactive. "Together we will write a new history by piecing together a new timeline and a new story of immigration in America."

Encounters: Poems about Race, Ethnicity and Identity (edited by Paula Cole Jones) can be purchased from the ERUUF bookstore.

Led by UUA's Multicultural Congregations Program Coordinator Rev. Alicia R. Forde (keynotespeaker), the conference also included breakout groups to consider issues in depth.