Selma 2015

Nearly fifty years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sent a telegram to faith leaders around the thumb selma.handscountry, including Unitarian Universalists, calling on them to join him in Selma. This past weekend marked the 50th anniversary. Rev. Cayer, ERUUF members, Unitarian Universalists, and many more, marched in Selma to continue witnessing against the “disease of racism”: voter disenfranchisement and the eroding of civil rights, the lack of justice especially for the deaths of young men and transgender women of color, and escalating inequality in our country.

See ERUUF in action and witness at Selma.


 UUA Selma page

UU Keynotes & Events at Selma 2015

Standing on the Side of Love has another great collection of photos from Selma:

Pictures from Selma



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selma march 1965


selma 50th bridge




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