Statement of Immediate Witness by the Justice Ministry Council

This statement by the Justice Ministry Council of ERUUF has been sent to the News and Observer, Equality North Carolina, NAACP-NC, the Human Rights Campaign, UU congregations in North Carolina and our UU Southeast Region.

Statement of Immediate Witness - April 25, 2016

The Justice Ministry of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durham, North Carolina rejects in its strongest terms both the spirit and the likely unconstitutional intent of the new Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB 2), the so-called discriminatory anti-LGBTQ legislation that has now become law in our state of North Carolina.

A core tenet of our faith is a belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We work to protect and strengthen democratic principles of justice, equity, and compassion by dismantling racism, and all forms of discrimination – including homophobic or Islamophobic -- and standing up for fundamental human rights.

Our beliefs compel us to ‘stand on the side of love,’ particularly love for those who do not have the power or influence to protect their rights from would-be oppressors. Their oppression affects us all; we are as one.

We stand in solidarity with allies in faith communities, civil rights organizations, citizens of good will, corporate leaders, celebrities and performers who are taking action as a growing protest against these and other actions by this reactionary legislature and misguided governor.

This un-American law is not about protecting children. This thinly veiled smokescreen also dismantles civic freedoms and local authority, taking away municipalities’ ability for establishing local minimum wage agreements, paid vacations, and sick leave. This law takes away the ability of North Carolinians to file employment discrimination cases in state courts, and much more.

We urge the citizens of North Carolina to take action to restore our state and communities to a more responsible American vision that is founded on inclusiveness and respect.