UUA’s Commit2Respond Lifts Up Climate Justice

Reaching beyond efforts to simply increase awareness of climate change, the UUA-organized Commit2Respond initiative seeks to move people to commit to taking collective and long-term action for climate justice. 

ClimateJusticeMonth1What: Commit2Respond is a campaign to unite people of faith and conscience for climate justice.  Initiated in September of 2014 with the People’s Climate March in NYC, it will continue with events and activities connected with Climate Justice Month from March 22 (World Water Day) through April 22 (Earth Day), and also include a major action at this year’s General Assembly gathering in Portland, Oregon at the end of June.

During Climate Justice Month you will be invited to learn, reflect, and discern what long-term actions you, your family, and/or your congregation or group can take that will resist the forces that are causing and perpetuating climate change and injustice and will build resilience in the face of these forces while working to reverse the damage. 

The www.Commit2Respond.org website is the source of information, events, and activities and will become the hub for sharing and tracking our commitments.

Why: The ultimate goal of Commit2Respond is for members of congregations to join together to take the steps to SHIFT to a low carbon future, ADVANCE the human rights of people in affected communities, and GROW the climate justice movement.

ClimateJusticeMonth2Rather than simply asking members to take individual, short-term actions, the UUA and other sponsoring UU organizations are asking congregations to take a month to delve into our spiritual grounding for this work, deepen our learning, and intentionally decide how we can commit to transform our lives and our world.

Committed action that springs from principles and spiritual grounding compels us to move into places of possibility and creativity and guides us through setbacks.  This theological or principled grounding calls us to evaluate our work with more wisdom to have more positive impact and firms our stance for justice and the value of all life now and into the future.

How: Climate Justice Month is divided into four weekly segments associated with the four basic elements and connected to four theological concepts:

  • Water – Reveling (Water signifies immersion, our connection with the natural world and its gifts, basic human rights; this is a time to celebrate our natural world and its gifts as well)
  • Fire – Reckoning (Fire signifies transformation, righteous anger and passion, exploring where our energy comes from and reckoning with the impacts and injustices, and grief at loss due to climate change). 
  • Air – Reconnecting (Air signifies connectedness, mobilization, breath, spirit, exploring who is impacted by the forces of climate change, and reconnecting with hope through relationship).
  • Earth – Committing (Earth signifies realization, fruition, culmination, bringing our vision to ground and into reality, and committing to long-term actions that will create a paradigm shift)

When:  Each week will offer a ClimateJusticeMonth3number of opportunities to take part around these themes.  These opportunities include (see below) or you can create your own:

  • Daily reminders sign up on www.Commit2Respond.org
  • Activities at services
  • Earth Day service
  • Stories on website and Currents
  • Announcements in e-news and Sunday bulletin
  • Personal and collective commitments

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Suggested long-term actions can be found at: http://www.commit2respond.org/learn

To sign up for Commit2Respond Climate Justice Month go to: http://www.commit2respond.org/join