Vision Quest for Justice at ERUUF

As the recent positive response to “Thirty Days of Love” this past winter showed us, Social Justice and Earth Justice are extremely important to most ERUUF members. In fact, for many, making a difference in the world is the main reason they come to the fellowship. But we know that all of us want our justice ministry to be the best it can be, so that together we can make a maximum impact in the world.

This spring ERUUF will launch a “Vision Quest for Justice,” modeled on our highly successful 2008 “Vision Quest for Religious Education.” That small task force, chaired by Audrey Green, was appointed by the Executive Team (now the Coordinating Team). Task force members researched best practices in RE and how programs operated in other large congregations (UU, Jewish, Baptist). They also surveyed fellowship members about what they needed from RE, then gathered information, created a report, and made six recommendations. Since the recommendations were well understood and made sense to the RE Committee, teachers and parents, they were fairly easy to implement. Most importantly ERUUF’s ministry for children and youth has benefited tremendously, and children and families are better served.

We’re looking for people for a new Vision Quest for Justice task force, who have passion for Justice, and who are willing to lend their skills with research, interviewing, and reporting to this good and exciting project. To learn more about how you might be part of this Vision Quest for Justice at ERUUF, contact Rev. Cayer, , Rev. Kacela, , or Mary Frances Comer, student minister, .