We Hold You in Our Hearts

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The ministers, staff, and greater ERUUF congregation would like to offer words of encouragement and hope to the family of Michael Brown, Jr. ("Big Mike") in light of the grand jury decision announced on Nov 24 in Missouri. We, too, are grieved at the tragic loss of this young man's life and by what is perceived by many as an unfortunate outcome in the justice system.

(>LINK to UUA Response to situation in Ferguson, MO.)

We grieve for his family, their supporters, and the community of Ferguson, MO. as they contemplate how to move forward.

In light of the pain and violence that has gripped the community, we remember the words spoken by Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1838: "There is no gievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law."

We must strive for a peaceful, non-violent response. Unitarian Universalists are committed to standing on the side of love...in all things.

We pray and hold out hope for peace and healing for all persons affected by this tragic episode in our nation's history.