Q: How does an a-theist, a-gnostic believe in God? A: The same way (s)he believes in the color red.

The a-theist does not believe in a God that intervenes on behave of human concerns. The a-gnostic does not believe in anything beyond what the senses can confirm. So what is left?

Raised in a quasi-religious household that revered science and secular humanist issues, and ignored conventional piety, I started forging my own idea of what God might be at an early age. When my father died unexpectedly a month before my 16th birthday the path to that understanding became more intensely urgent. Through the decades I have connected together a set of concepts that serve as an explanation. I am happy with this explanation with the full understanding that it falls short and may be wildly wrong. Such is our place in the universe and I am happy with that. I will open the door onto my journey and conclusions as of June 26, 2016. I'm looking forward to your presence.

Books I mention in my Spiritual Odyssey:

"Buddhism Without Beliefs", Stephen Batchelor
"On Physics and Philosophy", Bernard d'Espagnat
"The Origins Of Order", Stuart A. Kauffman

"Musicophilia", Oliver Sacks"The Gnostic Gospels", Elaine Pagels