Becoming a Follower of the Buddha

I’ve been drawn to spiritual teachings and practice since I was a child. After having an experience of Jesus as a teenager, I tried out the Mormon Church, where I served and explored spiritual practice for about a decade. Investigating the Bible from a scholarly point of view, combined with comparative religious study, led me to leave the Mormon Church and ultimately join a UU congregation. Sermons at ERUUF by former minister, Arvid Straube, rekindled an interest from my teen years in Buddhist teachings and practice, which I began to explore here about 25 years ago. Since then my interest in, and respect for, the teachings of the Buddha has grown deeper. I value the practical benefit that Buddhist ethical training and meditation bring to my life. The Buddha’s penetrating insights into human experience, especially the causes and ending of stress and suffering, seem unsurpassed to me. The wisdom and directness of the teachings in early Buddhist texts especially resonate for me.