About The Foundation

Supporting ERUUF into the futureIn 1989, a group of forward-thinking, committed, and generous ERUUF members believed so strongly in the mission of ERUUF that they established an endowment to help ensure that ERUUF would continue to thrive well beyond their lifetimes. The Eno River Fellowship Foundation (The Foundation) develops and manages this endowment which operates solely for the financial support of ERUUF and its mission. 

The Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization (501[c]3), with its own board of directors. The Directors oversee growth of the endowment’s assets and regular distributions of earnings on those assets. Contributions to the endowment are invested and only a portion of the interest earned from the endowment’s assets is spent so that the endowment can continue to grow and maintain its purchasing power over time. This provides enduring financial support to ERUUF, helping to ensure the future of our shared Unitarian Universalist values and beliefs. Giving to The Foundation provides individuals an opportunity to support the mission of ERUUF for generations to come. 

The Foundation serves as part of the larger package of generosity at ERUUF, and partners with the Legacy and Planned Giving Program.

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Foundation Grant Awards: 2021 Recipients

Each year the Eno River Fellowship Foundation (Foundation) awards grants for infrastructure enhancements and program initiatives that align with ERUUF’s mission and strategic goals. This year the Foundation has awarded four grants, totaling $24,171, to projects that will enhance the worship experience, create more inviting spaces in the CARE building, and build capacity within ERUUF to take action in support of racial equity, human rights and immigration justice.

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Help the Foundation Grow!

Help the Foundation grow by making a donation or completing a Gift Intent Form. The Foundation gladly accepts charitable gifts of cash, securities, and other assets, often received as memorials or tributes to a person or important events, or as legacies in planned giving. The Foundation can also be named as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement account or insurance policy. Donations made to the Foundation are tax-deductible as allowable by law. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors for a full discussion of tax implications for gifts.

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Foundation Board members

Eno River Fellowship Foundation Board of Directors for 2020-2021

 Stephen Edgerton (Member)

Lenora-Harris Field (Secretary)

Chris Folger (Vice-President)

Nancy Henley (ERUUF Board Representative)

Sunny Ladd (Member)

Clint McSherry (Treasurer)

Lillie Searles (Member)

Judy Teague (President)

Rev. Deborah Cayer (Ex Officio Member)

Daniel Trollinger (Ex Officio Member)