The Eno River Fellowship Foundation (Foundation) will fund eight ERUUF projects, totaling $34,393, during the current fiscal year. A special grant of $10,815 will cover the costs of a new network server and new webcast system for recording worship services in the sanctuary. This is especially important during this time while we are unable to gather on our campus. The other seven awards were made during the Foundation Board of Director’s annual grant review process, which was completed in March, just before COVID-related physical distancing restrictions were put in place. These awards will cover costs of:

  • Cancer support workshops
  • Conflict resolution workshops
  • Transgender inclusion workshops
  • Reparations education program
  • Racial Equity and Inclusion (REI) trainings for Senior Staff
  • New furniture in some of the CARE Building rooms
  • Upgrades to ERUUF’s information technology network

More information about these projects is found in the table below. While some of these grant projects are already underway, others are adapting to an online format, and one or two will be temporarily delayed until we can meet again in-person. These awards, made possible by generous donations to the Foundation’s Initiatives and Enhancement Endowment Fund, support critical infrastructure needs and provide valuable experiences that will strengthen interconnections of the ERUUF community.

Foundation Grant Awards 2020

Proposal Name

Ministry Team


Amount Awarded

Flipping Cancer Workshops

Care Ministries

Workshops and performance targeted to ERUUF and broader community members impacted by cancer; focus on healthcare storytelling, stress relief through InterPlay methods 


Conflict Resolution Workshop

Leadership Development Team and Healthy Congregations Committee

Workshop for 25-50 ERUUF lay leaders, led by trainers from the Dispute Settlement Center; focus on conflict prevention and de-escalation


Transgender Inclusion Workshop

Pride+ Affinity Group

On-line course and a series of facilitated discussions on Transgender Inclusion in Congregations, for adults and youths, led by the Transforming Hearts Collective


Reparations Education Program

Restitution for Racism Affinity Group

A multi-phased educational program to examine the case for reparations; the main event will be a presentation by local expert on the topic of reparations 


Senior Staff REI Training

Coordinating Team

Five senior staff will participate in racial equity and inclusion workshops, led by The Management Center in Washington, DC 


Furniture for Library, Room 7, Room 3

Coordinating Team

Furniture replacement for rooms in the Care Building 


IT Infrastructure Upgrade


Upgrades to ERUUF’s network infrastructure; address network storage needs and increase network capacity and security.


Webcast recording system:

a supplemental grant request*


Purchase a new recording system for the sanctuary, and replace the network server; address the need for high quality, web-streaming of worship services from the sanctuary.


Total costs




*The recording system costs will be covered by this award of $10,815 and $8,970 of unspent funds from a 2015 Foundation award for audiovisual system upgrades. The IT network upgrades ($3,600) and the new network server will support the new recording system as well as other networking needs. Thus, the Foundation is contributing a total of $23,385 toward the costs of implementing this new recording system.