Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.


Reflections of the ministers and senior staff.

Solar Update March 2021

ERUUF has had solar panels for six months now and we’ve learned a lot in this time. The good news is that we have seen a reduction in the energy bill and the system is working well. However, it’s becoming clear that tree shading issues were significantly underestimated by our contractor, and the solar project is now experiencing significantly lower than optimal solar output. In the winter months there is an almost 50% reduction in solar production due to shading, though less in the summer due to sun position, with an annual loss of 30-35% kilowatt hours or about $3,000 per year. This outcome will increase over time as the trees grow.

This brings us to a choice point. In order to live into our ongoing sustainability commitment (read more about ERUUF’s Green Sanctuary Initiative) and to be good stewards of the large solar project (and all the resources it took to build it), we will need to find ways to address the shading issue, both for today and in future years as the trees/shade between the CARE building and the walkway continue to grow.

The Coordinating Team, Garden Team, Earth Justice, Buildings and Grounds, RE, ERUUF staff, Family Preschool and tree experts have all been brought into the conversation. A number of ideas and options have been discussed, all of which have pluses and minuses. The most viable solution involves replacing four large trees with lower growing new trees that grow to a height that does not create future shading issues. While this will create a change, the redesign also opens other opportunities for uses of the area.

Before making a decision, the Coordinating Team would like to hear what our members think about this. And so we invite you to join us to share your thoughts at a special breakout room during zoom Coffee Hour on March 14.

This is one significant way that we can live our values and principles as we help create a sustainable, low carbon future together.

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Sustainable ERUUF (Part 1)

Thank you for helping to expand our compost and recycling efforts on campus. As we continue to live into our commitment to care for the earth, each of us plays a big part in creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. The waste reduction project has made great progress in the past year. Yes, this requires learning new habits and extra planning for events, especially around composting. Please know that your efforts make a difference! The new waste reduction stations in the Fellowship Hall and Care Building are just one part of a larger Green Sanctuary initiative at ERUUF. In addition, we increased our composting collection capacity from 10 gallons a week to 64 gallons a week which we are consistently filling. Furthermore, we have transitioned to compostable dinnerware for large ERUUF sponsored events with food and beverages.

In 2019, results from our composting vendor, Compost Now:

This project addressed the goal of waste reduction identified in the Green Sanctuary initiative with a specific target to reduce our congregational waste by at least 20% by December 2021. In following through on ERUUF's strategic plan, we committed to making an initial investment in critical infrastructure (i.e., a permanent, attractive, commercial collection station, compost collection and signage for the Fellowship Hall), to increase waste diversion through increased composting and recycling. The new waste reduction stations were made possible by a grant from Eno River Fellowship Foundation!

Many thanks to Kim Swain, Denise Frizzell, Barbara Welanetz, Daniel Trollinger, Shawn Trimble, and Michele Sager.

Check out upcoming Earth Justice events for Earth and Climate Justice Month 2020.

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Pardon Our Dust

As we roll into the new year you may notice a few improvements on campus. In the past two years almost every roof on campus has been replaced, including half the Care bldg. with a metal roof in preparation for a major solar installation this spring (more info coming soon). There is a new system to support composting and recycling at ERUUF on a larger scale (see revised room use guidelines). There are new low-flow toilets in the Sanctuary bathrooms. Much of the non-routine facilities work is made possible by the Campus Needs Fund which is a result of a special campaign two years ago. 
Here is a shout out of appreciation to some the folks responsible for larger projects:
  • New waste stations for Fellowship Hall and Care bldg. (Denise Frizzell, Kim Swain, Barbara Welanetz, Shawn Trimble with funding support from the Foundation)
  • New doors for rear of Commons Room (Peter Romeyn)
  • New window blinds in Rooms 4/5 & 1 (Jean O'Barr)
  • Clean gutters (Glen Jackson)
  • Tree/limb pruning (Jack Romeyn)
  • Redesigned Sanctuary front garden (Beth Harvat, Barbara Beaman, Nancy Henley, Jean O'Barr)
  • Clear sidewalks and lawn mowing (Rick Searles, David Scheidt)
  • New wall coverings for Fellowship Hall (Peter Romeyn, Ed Hoefle, Steve Edgerton, Karli Rabe)
  • New dishwasher in Care bldg. (Chris Egle)
  • New chairs/tables for Sanctuary floor (Jean O'Barr, with funding support from Gallery Committee)
  • New carpet in Sanctuary, Rooms 4/5 & 3 (Peter Romeyn)
Much appreciation to all the hard work of individuals and teams behind the scenes (Buildings and Grounds Team, Garden Team, Janitorial staff, Office staff) in keeping the campus facilities in good shape. It takes a village of volunteers and staff (and even contractors at times) to make this happen. Thank you!
If you want to join the fun, the Garden Team usually gathers on the second Saturday of every month from 9-12, and the Buildings and Grounds Team could always use an extra hand for upcoming projects. Contact:

Introducing the New Web Site

Welcome to a new version of the ERUUF web site!

The primary intention is to show the ERUUF community in action, with a focus on the shared ministry teams and values of the fellowship. The invitation is to explore and find your way on the site and in this beloved community.

By design, it is set up to encourage exploration instead of linear mapping. It is searchable, mobile friendly and hopefully more accessible to people who are new to UU and ERUUF.
The site is built with a visual language of pictures and images in addition to text and links. Menus introduce new headings and categories. Pretty much everything on the old site is also on the new site, just in a different organizational pattern. In the future, we plan to add more video components and interactivity with social media.


  • Visual language (we are always looking for high quality photographs of ERUUF groups and activities)
  • New blog page (reflections from ministers and staff)
  • Emphasis on shared ministries in action
  • Searchable calendar
  • New auto-draft giving portal
  • Mobile friendly

The layout, design, and focus of the new site are all the result of conversations with staff, leaders, and members, combined with ERUUF site analytics and evaluation of web sites of UU congregations and other spiritual communities. In all our research, we could not find any congregation anywhere with as much emphasis on governance and policies as ERUUF seems to hold. As a result, any information in this area, that focuses on "how we organize ourselves," has all been pushed down to the bottom menu. If you are a leader or just policy curious, scroll down to the bottom of any page to find numbers, reports, and governance.
Feedback welcome -  Give Feedback

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Green Sanctuary

Through the fall and early winter ERUUFians took the initial steps toward Green Sanctuary accreditation. Green Sanctuary is a program offered by the UUA to give congregations a pathway of study, reflection, and action in response to environmental challenges, most notably climate change. It provides a structure for congregations to examine their cur...
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Update on Special Campaign for Facilities Maintenance

The Special Campaign for facilities maintenance concluded Jan 31, 2018 and raised $320,768. The match grant challenge of $250,000 will bring the total to $570,768. The remarkable generosity of the Fellowship will enable ERUUF to care for the campus well into the future. The immediate plan is to pay off the remaining mortgage ($104,000 paid Feb 2018...
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Eno River Fellowship Foundation

Each year, the Eno River Fellowship Foundation (ERFF) awards grants from the endowment for projects that make a significant difference in supporting our ERUUF mission and priorities. We fund creative, seminal initiatives and enrichment of our facilities to fulfill our promises. We request that proposals have a direct link to ERUUF's Strategic Plan ...
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