Good Guys Wear White Hats
Rev. John Saxon
Music: Dick Clark

White UUs (and other white progressives) engaged in the work of social justice and dismantling racism often see ourselves as the “good guys who wear white hats” (or, at least, I do). But the world isn’t made up of “good guys wearing white hats” versus “bad guys with black hats.”

All of us, even those of us who try so hard to be the “good guys,” aren’t as good or pure or perfect as we think we are as we engage in the always messy work of justice and transformation, always making mistakes and falling short, and (hopefully) learning from our shortcomings and, with practice, becoming more skillful in the work we’re called to do.

Rev. Saxon is the Executive Director of the UU Justice Ministry of NC. Longtime ERUUF member Dick Clark and his cello quintet provide the morning’s music.