How do I learn of current volunteer needs @ ERUUF?

The volunteer webpage keeps an updated list of volunteer positions that are open. In addition, announcements appear from time to time in the weekly bulletin, e-news and in Currents.

Do I need to be a member to volunteer?

Any person interested in furthering the mission of ERUUF is welcome to volunteer for most jobs. All committee and small group chairs are required to be ERUUF members.

How will I know what to do?

Most volunteers receive training for their task, either in advance or on the spot. Often, new volunteers will be paired with a veteran. We strive to make sure that nobody is tossed into a situation on their own without support. One of the great things about volunteering at ERUUF is that generally you will be part of a team.

Will I need to undergo a background check before I can volunteer?

All child and youth RE teachers must undergo a background check. Most other volunteer positions do not require one.

I’m elderly/ homebound/have physical limitations. Is there a place where I am needed?

 Your help is always needed. There are many ways to participate such as:

  • we can arrange to pick you up to come in for activities such as preparing mailings, straightening pew racks or helping in the office
  • making phone calls from your home
  • sitting at a table in the Fellowship Hall to advertise for a particular group or sign-up opportunity

Will I find volunteering at ERUUF different or special?

Because each person at ERUUF is an intrinsic part of an inclusive religious community with the mission of transforming lives, each volunteer has the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts are helping make the vision of a community of spirit, service, justice and love come true. The community does not exist without its members making it happen. The more each person volunteers, the more connected they become and the more fulfilling their experience at ERUUF is.

I work during the day. Are there volunteer opportunities during the evening?

Many committees at ERUUF meet in the evening – these include groups that do much of the planning for programs at ERUUF, carry out the governance functions, plan for denominational affairs, etc. This kind of volunteering is equally important to more “doing” tasks such as greeting or preparing coffee on Sunday. If you have a creative mind and a commitment to make things work well at ERUUF, your contribution to these kinds of activities is appreciated.

Who do I contact?

Contact information is given with each volunteer position posted on the volunteer website. If you choose to indicate a specific position that you want to volunteer for on the website, the contact person will be automatically notified.

Alternatively, a list of the leaders of all groups, organizations and committees can be found here. If you are interested in helping with a specific activity or group at ERUUF, you can find the name of the person in charge on this list.