What's a Giving Circle?

~It's a group of people who pool some of their charitable dollars, and use that fund of money to make change within their own communities.

~It gives a hands-on opportunity to explore and collaborate with like-minded people who share the desire to make local, social investments.

~It is a powerful way to impact social change and pave the way for a new frontier in philanthropy.  Membership in a giving circle requires an annual donation of cash, attendance at meetings, and willingness to occasionally do research on local non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in joining a giving circle, there's open space in one of the existing groups, and if there is enough interest, another giving circle for adults can be started.   Also, the possibility of one circle with teens, and another with younger people in partnership with a grandparent (or reasonable facsimile) is being investigated. If you have questions or ideas, please contact Don Hartman, , or Marilyn Hartman, .  For specific questions about InfUUsions, see their brochure or contact Peter Romeyn.