December 9, 2018

9:00 & 11:15 am
Islands in a Sea of Mystery
Rev. Deborah Cayer, worship leader

The scientist and mystic Chet Raymo reminds us that, “One doesn’t have to be a Lord Kelvin or an Einstein to find a place to enter. A leaf of grass will provide ingress to Infinity.” This morning we’ll explore islands of knowledge and the openings they offer us into mystery. We’ll also light candles for Advent and Hanukkah this morning.

**(Services canceled due to weather.**)

December 12, 2018

7:00 pm
Holiday Jazz Vespers
Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Music: NC Central Jazz Ensemble

All are invited to this collaborative worship service with the Jazz Studies department at North Carolina Central University. Join us for an evening of music, meditation, poetry, and song. An opportunity for quiet reflection in the mystery of darkness and light. A chance to rest in the grace of something larger than ourselves. All are welcome. Rev. Brett, worship leader. Reception hosted by ERUUF’s HBCU Outreach Team and Pastoral Care Associates, immediately following the service. For more info Jazz Vespers.

December 16, 2018

9:00 & 11:15 am
Holiday Music Service
Rev. Deborah Cayer, worship leader

Each of ERUUF’s choirs and musical groups help us find the mystery, beauty and joy of the season with music and spoken words.  We’ll light candles for Advent this morning. This is a multigenerational service. Nursery care is available for children 3 and younger.  The chapel will be available for anyone of any age who needs some (fairly quiet) “wiggle room.”


December 21 2018

7:00 pm
Solstice Celebration
Julia Tyler, worship leader

Julia Tyler and members of the ERUUF Pagan Group are preparing this celebration for all ages.  All are welcome!


December 23, 2018

10:30 am
The Christmas Candle
Rev. Deborah Cayer, Julia Tyler, worship leaders

ONE SERVICE * 10:30 am

This morning we’ll sing, and share a seasonal story to help us remember the gifts we already possess, and feel glad to be connected to a larger world of love.


December 24, 2018

5:00 & 7:30 pm
Christmas Eve Services
Rev. Deborah Cayer

5 pm Service   Are We There Yet?

An ERUUF Christmas Pageant Children (“from one to 92”) always enjoy watching this ancient story unfold. This year’s pageant, Are We There Yet?, is written and directed by Paul Baerman, with assistance from Lance Haworth and the Eno River Players, and ERUUFians of all ages who will enact the usual (and not so usual) parts. We’ll pass the light candle to candle at the end of the service.

6 pm Soup Supper

Between services we have the simplest (and best ever) supper of soup and bread, with desserts, all prepared by ERUUF volunteers. This is a wonderful chance to visit with ERUUF friends and their families.

7:30 pm Service  Into this Dark Night

We offer our traditional service of readings and carols for all ages, and at the end we pass the light through the darkened sanctuary.

December 30, 2018

10:30 am
Rev. Jacqueline Brett

This service centers the experience and voices of African Americans as we explore the seven principles of Kwanzaa: Umoja (Unity) Kujichagulia (Self-Determination, Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility; Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics); Nia (Purpose); Kuumba (Creativity); Imani (Faith). Rev. Brett, worship leader. All are welcome to this service, and to the fabulous karamu (feast) which follows in the Fellowship Hall!