A Covenant for ERUUF (September 2017)

As a people ready to be changed by our evolving understanding, we covenant to practice right speech by bringing and assuming good intentions in every conversation; by listening respectfully and questioning kindly; and by speaking with humility.

We commit to make our spaces supportive, our dialogue compassionate, and our diversity deep, broad and proud. We promise to seek out and welcome difference, work patiently through challenges, support and comfort each other as we live our Unitarian Universalist values.

Recognizing the fierce courage needed to confront and disarm systemic racism, homophobia, and fear of The Other, we accept responsibility for what we say and do, and for what we do not say or do.

Mindful of our desire to create a more loving and just world, we covenant to seek support from the wise and experienced when we fall short, and to begin again in love.

And as people of faith, hope, and love, we will leave room for awe.

This is a living document, created from our values and shared commitments. Groups, teams and committees are encouraged to use this to share the spirit that informs their work. And we’ll use it in services and on special occasions, and we’ll check in on it in the future to see what updates might be right at that time.