What started as a small group of people who wanted to do something to help front-liners and people at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic has grown to an astonishing brigade of over 92 people producing hundreds of masks each day under the direction of ERUUFian Audrey Green. Together, as of Wednesday, April 29, they have made and distributed over 3,000 masks--all free--for a total cost (donations) of $585. 

The masks have been distributed to a number of groups and organizations including two low-income neighborhoods, a hospice organization, an elder care facility, a senior care center, Durham Senior Center, Durham Fire Department, a UNC surgeon group, a pastor supporting immigrants, and Church World Service employees serving immigrants.

Currently, masks are being channeled through Covering the Triangle, a local initiative working to get masks to the region's most vulnerable citizens, including farmworkers and those living in close quarters with others. Audrey shared an example of the urgent situation affecting our neighboring communities where immigrant (primarily poor Latinx workers) reside. In a recent conversation with a pediatric nurse at Piedmont Health in Central North Carolina, where community members have requested 200 masks for chicken factory workers and their families, she learned the story of two families who have been living in a mobile home together. Both adult women in the residence have COVID-19 and they are self-quarantined from their six children who sleep and play in the other small spaces of the mobile home. 80% of those tested for COVID-19 in the community have tested positive.  

Want to Join the Brigade? 

Audrey's Mask Brigade consists of ERUUFians and other caring individuals--neighbors, friends, friends of friends, neighbors of friends--an interconnected web of beautiful men, women, and children who have stepped up in an amazing way to collaborate on this undertaking. Important helping roles include cord cutters, fabric cutters, sewists, insert cutters, those who wash and iron the fabric, and fabric and supply donors! 

For more information, contact Audrey Green

An ERUUFian member of the Mask Brigade Susan Baylies also shared with us a DIY mask tutorial and tips for effective mask-wearing. Click on the images below to watch the videos.