Video: Estate Planning Seminar

However your family is organized, planning for your future and theirs is how you care for them. To help ERUUFians plan for the future, a video recording is now available of the Estate Planning Seminar presented on Oct 5th, 2020. Hosted by ERUUF’s Planned Giving Team, this seminar was presented by Jennifer Dalman, an attorney with Walker Lambe. In this one hour video, Jennifer is clear and even entertaining in providing legal information in story format.


The Story of Eno River Fellowship Foundation - Lillie Searles

Remarks at the June 9th Planned Giving event from Lillie Searles, President of the Foundation

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Holly McKinney: Why Planned Giving?

Holly shared this story at our Planned Giving event June 9th, 2019

When Ross and I joined ERUUF in 1980, who could have imagined that the 120 or so members would grow to 735?

That we would join the ranks of “old timers” after almost 40 years, while in 1980, the old timers (aka charter members) had been members all of 14 years.

That the cinderblock building on Sparger Road in the hinterlands of north Durham would get sold 3 years later, we would move to Garrett Road and build and build and build to have the beautiful campus we have now.

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