#EruufShowUp Democracy Team: Cry-For-Help! 

Show up with UUs, ERUUFians, and friends to get involved in Election 2020; it is not too late. You Can Vote and UU Forward Together are the two lead partners for the #EruufShowUp Democracy Team. These two nonprofit, non-partisan organizations follow the research and guidance of NC voting rights experts, such as Democracy NC and the State Board of Elections. #EruufShowUp needs voters and future voters, ages 16 and up:

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  • We want you to plug into evidence-based ways to make an impact on the future of local and national government.
  • Learn about options to show up and do democracy work within your comfort zone.
  • Or choose to go beyond your comfort zone with the security of supportive partners.

When groups of individuals offer a small amount of guided voter support, voter turnout increases. Would you please sign up temporarily for a weekly email update from both of ERUUF's primary democracy-building partners? Use these two links (and whenever you want to, you can choose to unsubscribe). Please subscribe to stay up to date with:

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