Children's Masks

ERUUF's Mask Brigade, led by member Audrey Green, recently expressed gratitude for recent donations, including a single gift of $500  from the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Ministerial fund. In her own words, Rev Deb Cayer stated,

"The project you've created is saving lives at a crucial time in the pandemic, and we think this qualifies as an intended use of the fund. We especially appreciate your partnership with agencies that support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color whose communities are particularly hard hit by the pandemic, and also because this is in alignment with ERUUF's strategic initiative for racial equity and inclusion...We're just amazed at what you've created, Audrey, and are really happy to be able to support your team's loving, positive efforts."

Most of these dollars are already in use, purchasing fabric and cords for making an abundance of masks.

About the Mask Brigade

Since March 16, the Mighty Mask Brigade has produced and donated over 14,000 masks. The brigade is made up of hundreds of volunteers who have spent hours each week procuring and cutting fabric, cutting and knotting cotton cording, sewing, and distributing high-quality masks for donation to members of our community. The recipients have included the elderly, low-income housing residents, clinics serving meat packers and their families, farmworkers, those recently released from jail, those still incarcerated, Meals on Wheels recipients, retirement communities and nursing homes, people in hospice care, grocery and retail clerks, the homeless, Durham firefighters, El Futuro, Lincoln Community Health Clinic, El Centro Hispano, Fed EX, Amazon drivers and more. 

At this point (thanks to member Susan Baylies' skillful job of finding great prices on fabric), masks are running around $.33 each to make. So a gift of $100 allows the Brigade to make approximately 300 masks, $500 dollars allows them to make 1500. And each time they sell a mask on the website, they net enough to make 25 more masks. 

Masks for children and adults can be purchased here To learn more or get involved, contact Audrey Green