Member/Mask Brigade leader Audrey Green recently sent in some exciting updates and photos from ERUUF's Mask Brigade

Stats as of May 6, 2020 

• We have been making masks together for seven weeks now!

• Together, we have made and distributed an incredible 4025 masks!

• We are now a team of 110 people: sewists, fabric cutters, fabric washers, and ironers, fabric donors, fund donors, distributors of masks to recipients

More Updates

Audrey, along with Brigade member Lori Pistor will travel to Dudley, NC in early May to deliver nearly 500 masks to the Farmworkers Union for distribution to migrant and resident farm workers who live in tight quarters, often multiple families to a unit. 

There have been several new requests for masks including,

  • Moncure Piedmont Health drive-through clinics - 200
  • Piedmont Health PACE program - serving the elderly - 300
  • Low income housing communities through Durham CAN - 300


Thanks to all the hard work of fabric-cutters and cord-cutters, we now have more than 50 kits (10 masks per kit) available for sewists.

If you are interested in lending your sewing skills to the cause, contact Audrey Green by Saturday, May 9. Please consider requesting as many kits as you think you can sew in the next 10 days to help minimize distribution effort. Thank you! 



Below (Left to Right): Volunteer Jack Chambers cuts high-quality inserts for masksPruitt Health Nursing Home Staff; Housing for New Hope Staff Recipients

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