The ERUUF sanctuary, a beloved space, has recently been improved through the hard work and generosity of our members.  Almost two years ago, an aesthetics team began to search for a new chalice to replace a pottery one that had broken. Thanks to ERUUF member, Mary Etta Goes, we were able to locate the California craftsman who made the bronze chalice used at UUA General Assembly, and we ordered his work in three sizes.

One small chalice is available for use through the Office, and a second larger chalice is being used by Religious Education teams. The largest chalice, the more elaborate Tree of Life model, is now in the Sanctuary.  All these beautiful bronze castings were made possible through a generous grant from the Eno River Foundation. 

The Campus Needs Fund provided the planned replacement of the original carpet in the sanctuary. And the Art Committee generously offered their surplus funds to the Coordinating Team to purchase new chairs and tables for the Sanctuary – and that fourth chair and tables are coming soon!  At each step of all three processes, teams and individual congregations were solicited for opinions and advice, adding up to an enhanced sanctuary to serve our needs now and in the future.