ERUUF's Mask Brigade, started by member Audrey Green, has been continuing its mission of delivering masks to those most vulnerable to COVID-19 in the Triangle. Since the last time we received an update, the Brigade has surpassed a mask distribution total of over 7,000 masks!

With increased help from community volunteers, including many ERUUFians, the Brigade now has enough masks to provide to ERUUFians and others in need for any donation amount. Donations will help buy fabric so that they can continue to give out hundreds and now thousands of masks to farmworkers, Community Health Centers, and other at-risk people. 

Mask Brigade volunteer and member, Susan Baylies, recently shared her own sentiments on the Brigade's work, "It is my hope that this group can offer solace to others who may get involved as volunteers. It has been very satisfying and meaningful to me that I can do something tangible to help people at risk. I feel a closer community bond with other ERUUFians who are sewing masks. Some people only cut cords, some cut fabric, others do delivery. I am so proud of Audrey for stepping up in this major way."

If anyone cannot afford to donate, but still needs a mask, they may still order one and have it delivered free of charge.  Learn more about the Brigade, its mission, stats, volunteer needs, and how to order a mask from their website, here