Youth Programming at ERUUF

Dear fellow parents/caregivers of ERUFF youth (past, present, future), 

The Youth Ministry Team is seeking your input related to youth programming at ERUUF. We are interested to know from a parent's perspective what has been our strong points, what's lacking and what we could be doing better. 

Thinking about RE, social activities, and the developmental needs of youth and parents related to spirituality, we have seven questions we would like you to think about and share your thoughts, insights, and dreams about.

Please complete our 10- 15-minute survey by Feb 1st to have your voice heard on this important piece of programming at ERUUF! 

Ultimately, we will begin developing a position statement and our collective findings will be presented to a broad variety of stakeholders at a retreat where further input and shaping can occur. In fact, mark your calendars for Feb 17 from 1-3 pm because we invite you to participate in the Youth Visioning Retreat in person to help shape and strengthen the future of youth programming at ERUUF!


Katie Tise, Youth Ministry Team